tiistai 30. tammikuuta 2018

Morning Meeting With Mari

This morning we rehearsed the following colours:
Green - Pink - Yellow - Purple - Blue - Brown - Orange - Gray

One children at the time got to choose which colour (and activity behind it) wuold be next on our morning exercise. And this was the outcome:
Snowman - Snake - Ski - Snowflake - Snowballs - Slide - Snow - Sun - Skate

keskiviikko 24. tammikuuta 2018

Morning Meeting With Tuula: Sold Out!

Today we learned a new game called Sold Out!
At our shop there was forsale: an apple, a cup, a carrot, a plate, two bananas, a spoon, a mandarin, grapes, a cherry, a fork, a corn and a knife.

One of the kids went waiting outside of the room, meanwhile other children chose which item was sold Out.
After they had chosen one item, it was time for shopping.

"Market is open! Welcome!
And then we were excitedly waiting when does the customer take the item which we had chosen. And when he did, we all shouted:
Sold Out!

And at the end we counted how many items did the customer get.

tiistai 23. tammikuuta 2018

Morning Meeting With Mari

At the morning meeting we rehearsed these five colours...
...and looked what was behind them.
Snow, sun, ski, snowballs and snowman.
Same words and exercises which we learned yesterday with Nikki!

maanantai 22. tammikuuta 2018

English With Nikki: Sss

Tunnin alussa etsimme omat nimemme ja piirsimme taululle omat kuvamme.
 Tänään paikalla olivat nämä 3-vuotiaat sekä opettajat:
...Ja nämä 4-5-vuotiaat:

Laulujen ja leikkien lisäksi harjoittelimme yhdessä S-kirjanta ja S-äänteellä alkavia sanoja.
 3-vuotiaat piirsivät yhdessä S-kirjaimen
ja kertasivat samalla värejä englanniksi.

Toiminnallisen leikin ohella opettelimme seuraavat S-äänteellä alkavat sanat:

 (3-vuotiaiden sanat)
(4-5-vuotiaiden sanat)

...Sekä askartelimme S-taulut...

...Tai kirjat...


Morning Meeting With Kipo: What's Missing?

At the morning meeting we played a game called What's missing with Kipo.
Kipo hid all the things behind a scarf and took one away. 
And then we tried to remember what was missing.
pencil, cup, book, horse, cow, car and ball.

torstai 18. tammikuuta 2018

Songs With Mari

Tänään laulelimme leikkikoululaisten yhteisellä laulu- ja leikkituokiolla 1-5-vuotiaiden kanssa muun muassa näitä lauluja. (Muutama toivelaulu ja muutama uusi laulu.)

If You're Happy

Wag Your Tail

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Bye Bye Goodbye

tiistai 16. tammikuuta 2018

Morning Meeting With Mari: Story About The Snowman

Pitkästä aikaa aamupiirillämme kävi vierailemassa ystävämme Snowman.

Lauloimme yhdessä laulua I'm a Little Snowman:

I’m a little snowman, look at me.
These are my buttons, 1 2 3.
These are my eyes and this is my nose.
I wear a hat and scarf. Brrr…it’s cold!

The Snowman told us a story about Lunna The Snowman who lived near by the lake.
Near by the lake there was also a cottage where lived two kids, a boy and a girl. At daytime Lunna watched those kids having fun together: climbing up to the hill and sliding dow again and again, skating and skiing around the lake.

Lunna enjoyed wathing the kids to play at daytime, but most of all she loved wathing the stars twinkling in the sky at nighttime.

maanantai 15. tammikuuta 2018

English With Nikki: Snowman

Today the weather was:
But what did Nikki have in her red bag today?
In the red bag there was a snowman!
And Nikki told us a story about the snowman who had a red nose,
black hat, blue scarf and green gloves.
In the story there were also:

After the story we made our own snowmen.
(White one is for 3-year-old an blue one for older children)