tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2018

Time to return to English studies!

Summer holidays are over and it's time to return to English studies!
Our English teacher Nikki comes back to play school after couple of weeks, 
but we have already started learning English through songs and games!

 Last week we learned colours at the morning meeting with Tuula

and by playing a game called Quips.

We did also sing some songs which are familiar to most of the kids
'cause we recorded them on a CD before summer holidays.
Still it's nice to sing old favorite songs and we do also have some
new kids who doesn't know these songs yet.
How's The Weather?

Hello! How are you?

Most of us were really happy, 
but some were still tired in the morning.

...so we did also sing the song
If You're Happy
(If you're sleepy)